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Take Your Own Newborn Pics

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Can't get a photographer? Need newborn pics? Do your own. A

little set up and planning should produce great results. First plan to take the pictures at a time of day when your baby is at his best. Have him fed, changed and played out. Newborn pictures are easier to take when they are fast asleep. Next, plan a little set up. Choose a location in your home with a lot of indirect light and a time of day when it will reflect off of a wall. Set up a mattress or couch cushions on the floor near this wall and cover with a soft blanket and hang another on the wall behind. Black is a great all forgiving color. You can choose come props like a giant wreath, a large mirror, large bucket, etc.. Make sure there are no sharp edges on the mirror or sharp piece on the wreath or other prop to poke the baby. Also have a second person to stand near the baby for safety. Gently pose the baby with the props and shoot away. Use portraits from Pintrest or Facebook for inspiration.

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