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Timeline for Wedding Day Photos

Fill in the blanks for your own day. Following this timeline will help obtain a stress free workflow for your wedding day.

Ceremony starts at ____________

Bride to be getting dress at ____________(2 hours prior to ceremony) for "getting ready" photos

Bride and maid/matron of honor to be dressed at ___________ (1 hr. 45 mins. prior to ceremony). This will allow photographer to take bridal portraits (and have a helper for the bride) in a stress free timeline. This allows time to get individual pictures without the stress of being ready in time and insures that the

make up artist is not running behind on the bride and "slapping on" the make up at the last minute. The

bride is perhaps the most important element of the wedding and should look better than the rest of the party. Her make up and hair can be touched up right before she walks down the aisle.

Brides maids to be ready at ___________ for pictures (45 mins prior to ceremony

Groom and groomsmen to be dressed at _________ for pictures (1 hr. prior to ceremony)

First Look: IF you are doing a first look, move all times up by 30 mins. This will be done approx. 45 mins before ceremony, taking no more than 30 mins., giving the bride a few minutes for touch ups.

Family pictures immediately after ceremony. This allows photographer to get everyone while they are still gathered (and before drinking starts if any) and allows time for grandparents to get their pictures taken and out of the way so they can relax or leave early if needed. (allow up to 1/2 hr.)

Wedding party pictures immediately after family and then bride and groom alone. This will allow wedding party to get pictures and then peel off to go to cocktail hour giving the bride and groom time to

decompress and take more romantic pictures without a bunch onlookers and gives them a bit of alone

time on their special day. (allow up to 1/2 hr.)

Bride and Groom portraits immediately after wedding party (allow up to 45 mins.)

Pictures of other guests can be taken throughout ceremony along with toasts, cake cutting and first dance.

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